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Faith Demonstrated

Intro: Faith is demonstrated by your presence or absence in worship.

A. Influence is always a part of what we do.

B. Encouragement or discouragement.

Text: Hebrews 11:32-40

A. They all had, in common, a faith in God.

B. God has a “better thing” for all (v 40).

I. The Righteous live by Faith

A. Faith is revealed – Rom 1:16-17

B. Walking by faith does God’s will – 2 Cor 5:17

C. Faith comes by hearing the word of God – Rom 10:17

II. Examples of Faith Demonstrated in Hebrews 11.

A. Noah - Heb 11:7

1. Did what God told him to do.

2. Resulted in his salvation.

3. By doing right, he condemned the world.

4. Compare the outcomes of Lazarus and the rich man – Lk 16:20-25

B. Abel – Heb 11:4

1. Did it by hearing word of God. – Rom 10:17

2. He is dead, yet his faith still speaks

a. Faith influences the minds of our heirs and survivors.

b. Also, the lack of faith still influences others.

C. Abraham - Heb 11:8

1. “Get up and go out.”

2. He did not know where or why.

3. Traveled in the Promised Land that came later to his heirs.

4. Had to leave all the comforts of home.

D. Abraham (again) - Heb 11:17

1. We all love and care for our children.

2. He was very old, and Isaac was a young man.

3. “God will provide” is a statement of faith.

4. “Now I know” proves God approved his faith.

5. What does God know about your faith?

E. Moses - Heb 11:23-27

1. Refused the wealth and power of Egypt. - v 24

2. Choosing rather the reproaches of God’s people. – v 25

3. Looking to the reward. - v 27

4. Because we look to the reward, we must also refuse and choose.

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