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Next Meeting

April 7-11, 2024

Josh Gurtler - Study on Creation vs. Evolution 

Previous Meetings

November 5-9, 2023

Boyd King of Centerville, TX

April 4-8, 2023

Andrew Lehmann of Waller, TX

November 3-7, 2022

Joseph Casimir of Cypress, TX

April 3-7, 2022

Philip Strong of Indianapolis, IN

October 24-28, 2021

Rick Liggin of Peoria, IL

November 3-7, 2019

Buddy Payne of Stephenville, TX

April 4-7, 2019

David Bonner of Dumas, TX

Nov 4-8, 2018

Steven Baxley of Fort Worth, TX (see sermon archive for topics/materials)

April 1-5, 2018

Scott Futrell of Pampa, TX

November 5-9, 2017

Warren King of Rogers, AR

Sunday            9:00 AM           Staying Positive in a Negative World

Sunday          10:00 AM           Dealing with Worldliness

Sunday            4:00 PM           Dealing with Anxiety

Monday           7:00 PM           Dealing with Murmuring

Tuesday           7:00 PM           Dealing with the Past

Wednesday     7:00 PM           Dealing with Self-Esteem

Thursday         7:00 PM           If God is For Us

*Friday             7:00 PM           Song Worship

April 2-6, 2017

David Smitherman of Corpus Cristi, TX

Sunday           9:00 AM   What It Means To Be A Disciple

Sunday         10:00 AM   Voices From Heaven

Sunday           4:00 PM   Jesus And Unity In Diversity

Monday          7:00 PM   Is The Bible The Word Of God?

Tuesday          7:00 PM   Bible Miracles: Fact Or Fable?

Wednesday    7:00 PM   What Are The First Principles?

Thursday        7:00 PM   Four Great Future Events

November 6-10, 2016

Kristofer Gardana of Odessa, TX

Sunday           9:00 AM   Constructive Criticism: How To Give It and How To Take It

Sunday         10:00 AM   Ramifications of the Risen Savior

Sunday           4:00 PM   Doing the Right Thing

Monday          7:00 PM   Have Salt in Yourselves

Tuesday          7:00 PM   Boanerges: Sons of Thunder

Wednesday    7:00 PM   Learning Obedience Through Suffering

Thursday        7:00 PM   God’s Will Be Done

Previous Meetings (Archive-click for details)


November 8-12, 2015

"Fundamentals of the Faith"

Ardie Brown and Larry Dickens

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