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A Living Sacrifice

Ardie Brown

October 19, 2014 AM


Intro:   Romans 12:1-2 References a living sacrifice. The church in Rome consisted of both Jew and gentile converts. Both groups understood the concept of sacrifice  --  but  the sacrifices that they were acquainted with were:  --  external possessions  --  and --  replaceable!


I.          Paul gives “sacrifice” a new dimension…..

A.        Living sacrifice:   --  person  (self)!

             B.        According to the Lord’s interest:     not “OURS”;  but  “US”!

             C.        Illustration:  A child’s greatest need is:  “US” --  not  “OURS”


II.        Hebrews 10:1-10: animal sacrifice did not remove sin or make the worshipper perfect  --  Why?

A.        Animal  --  Non-reasoning creature  --  functions by instinct

B.        Man  --  Rational;  moral being  --  sinner:  Rom. 3:23

                        >          God has spoken to reason:  Heb. 1:1-2

C.        Christ  --  Son of God  --  Personal, moral, rational: 

>          Died for persons:        Heb. 2:9;   2 Cor. 5:21;   2 Cor. 8:9


III.       2 Pet. 3:11:  What manner of persons ought we to be?  How then shall we live?

A.        1 Pet. 1:13-15:   “Be” he wants us to BE something...  “Holy”

B.        Tit. 2:11-14:     Grace brings salvation:

                        1.         Instructs – “to the intent…..”

                        2.         Why:  Christ gave HIMSELF for US


IV.       Rom. 8:12-17  Result:  Sonship  --  Child…..

A.        “Father” :  Intimate, personal relationship

                        >          Illustration:  two boys…..

             B.        1 Jn 3:1f

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